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Android Version 1.9.5 Bug Detected: Vehicle Data and Fleet Information Missing

  • Android users on Dimo version 1.9.5 cannot view vehicle data, fleet information, and market tab.
  • Tokens and data are safe.

Hello @everyone,

It looks like version 1.9.5 on Android is preventing users from viewing their vehicle data, fleet information, and market tab and having a strange ProjectID not found pop up.

Your tokens and data are safe. We are currently investigating the issue. Our test build has everything working. We suspect the issue is that this build is pointing to the wrong API on accident and we will get that fixed up very soon.

For users on iOS, everything looks to be in order.

We do apologize for this inconvenience and should have a fix for this issue out later today.

I will update everyone here and via email if we require you to download and additional update.

Thank you! Shaolin

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