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Announcing the renterd S3 Hackathon!

  • Two-track virtual hackathon focused on building projects using renterd or S3, or creating content about renterd S3 integration.
  • Judging criteria for projects include innovation, usability, technical complexity, and documentation. Content will be judged based on clarity, completeness, technical accuracy, and relevance.
  • Winners have the opportunity to win up to $2500 USD in SC. Stay tuned for more details on how to register.

Announcing the renterd S3 Hackathon!

📅 When? December 1 - 8, 2023

What is it? The renterd S3 Hackathon is a virtual, two-track event where participants can showcase their skills and innovation. It's a perfect arena for builders and users to demonstrate their prowess in leveraging the renterd S3 integration.

Track One: Innovate with renterd

Objective Develop a fully functional project utilizing renterd or S3. Projects can range from Data Backup Solutions to IoT Data Pipelines and Collaboration Platforms.

🧠 A few ideas to help you get started:

  • Data Backup Solution
  • Media Hosting
  • IoT Data Pipeline
  • Collaboration Platform

📝 Judging Criteria

  • Innovation: Does your project solve a unique problem or improve an existing solution?
  • Usability: Is the project user-friendly?
  • Technical Complexity: What challenges did you overcome in integrating renterd?
  • Documentation: Is the code well-commented, and is there adequate supporting documentation?

Prizes 1st Prize - $2500 USD in SC 2nd Prize - $1500 USD in SC 3rd Prize - $750 USD in SC

Track Two: Content Creation for renterd S3 Integration

Objective Create an article or video that guides users in setting up and using renterd with tools supporting S3.

📝 Judging Criteria

  • Clarity: Is the content clear and easy to understand?
  • Completeness: Does it cover all the necessary steps for setting up and using the S3 integration?
  • Technical Accuracy: Is the technical information correct?
  • Relevance: Does the content help users understand how to leverage renterd effectively?

Prizes 1st Prize - $1000 USD in SC 2nd Prize - $500 USD in SC 3rd Prize - $250 USD in SC

🔗 Registration: Opening soon! Stay tuned for more details.

💡 Getting Ready: This is your chance to innovate, create, and win big! Mark your calendars, and begin constructing your ideas. Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

Let's make something incredible using Sia's software!

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