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Announcing the Third Round of Smart Plug Honorary Users for Arkreen Project

  • Arkreen has announced the third round of smart plug honorary users.
  • Wallet addresses will be used for verifying user identity and distributing rewards.

@everyone. 🎉 Congratulations to the following five climate actors! 🌿 We are delighted to announce the third round of smart plug honorary users. Start today; climate action can't wait.💪⌛️

🎁 Similar to the initial two rounds rules, the wallet address will be the exclusive credential for verifying user identity and distributing rewards for future smart plug deployments. Please swiftly finalize the purchase of a new remote miner. We will proceed with the shipment upon confirmation of the purchase records on the polygon. We are eagerly looking forward to receiving your user experience reports shortly! 🌍💡

Here are the five SmartPlug Pioneers, with wallet addresses as the only valid proof: 0x032371a26DBCC368078E0Db8958b7695Ef04843b 0xDe8FDb47dbc105656a3127Dd42A9f71a3E7049eC 0xb7e367c43AdDb974C35E07D57b285c540be994dB 0xe06Bc1b2954B39B0B71adB2993C400cbC286CeE 0x855aD9ABB143F7566B039b86a5BE0F3e2793227F

#ClimateAction #SmartPlugWinners

Twitter Link Here: https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1733304090413961302?s=20

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