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Arkreen Collaborates with Peaqnetwork to Unlock the Value of Green Energy Data

  • Arkreen and Peaqnetwork are partnering to promote the adoption of green energy.
  • The collaboration will leverage Arkreen's #DePIN+ and #ReFi technologies.

@everyone 🧵1️⃣ Thank you, @peaqnetwork! 🌿 We're thrilled to collaborate with the Peaq ecosystem. Together, we're shaping a sustainable future by breaking down the barriers to green energy adoption with Arkreen's innovative #DePIN+ #ReFi technologies. Let's foster positive change and unlock the value of trusted green energy data.! ⚡️💚

#DePIN #ReFi #IoT #EconomyofThings

Twitter link here: https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1719675539177308552?s=20

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