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Arkreen Discord Notification: New Feature and Friendly User Test Opportunity

@everyone 🌟 New Feature 🌟 We've updated our leaderboard parameters. Now, you're encouraged to include your Twitter handle on your leaderboard βš™οΈhttps://testconsole.arkreen.com/#/settingsβš™οΈ But is that all? 🧐Not really! The most exciting part is still ahead.😎 If your position on the leaderboard(https://testconsole.arkreen.com/#/rank) stays within the TOP 100 and share a screenshot of your leaderboard rank while @arkreen, Our team will include you in the list of eligible friendly user test candidates. We will select five candidates from those who meet the criteria this time. Complete our two challenge tasks, and you'll receive a free smart plug and a six-month license, with all shipping costs covered. Take action now. πŸ’ͺ⏳ For detail, please check the twitter link here:https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1715222343935799322?s=20

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