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Arkreen Introduces AREC Bridging Protocol on Celo for Renewable Energy Transition

  • Arkreen and Celo introduce the AREC Bridging Protocol to support renewable energy transition and finance for net-zero at COP28UAE.
  • The protocol aims to diversify carbon asset sources and promote standardized REC practices within the Web3 ecosystem.

@everyone 🌍 Responding to the urgent call for a fair transition to renewable energy and Finance for Net Zero at #COP28UAE , Arkreen and Celo, powered by #DePIN + #ReFi, pioneer a revolutionary #RWA from physical world REC assets. Unveiling the AREC Bridging Protocol officially supporting @CeloOrg, empowering diverse decarbonization and investments in the Celo ecosystem. πŸ’š 🦾

🌿 As the world's pioneer REC bridge protocol, AREC not only diversifies carbon asset sources for on-chain offsetting but also champions standardized, data-based REC practices within the Web3 ecosystem.

Read the full article here πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰https://medium.com/@arkreen/tokenized-rec-on-celo-via-arkreen-arec-bridging-protocol-60d84c850882

#ArkreenxCELO #Sustainability #Web3 #FinanceforNetZero #RWA #DePIN #ReFi🌱

Twitte Link Here: https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1731690206569418930?s=20

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