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Arkreen January Highlights: GreenBTC Milestone, CSP Remote Miners, and New Partnerships

  • Arkreen achieved a new milestone with 7000 blocks on-chain Offset ATH in less than 24 hours for GreenBTC-Bulk Greening.
  • Arkreen introduced exclusive CSP remote miners with Early Bird Tickets, providing additional benefits for users.
  • GreeenBTC Incentive Program Phase 1, 2, and 3 announced, offsetting a significant number of green bitcoin blocks and ART 128 MWh.

@everyone 🚀 Exciting updates Arkreen January Highlights! 🌱

🌟GreenBTC-Bulk Greening: A new milestone, 7000 blocks on-chain Offset ATH in less than 24 hours!

🌟 Introducing Arkreen exclusive CSP remote miners - Global First 10 with Early Bird Tickets!

🌟 Newcomer perks: Welcome Gift & Withdraw Rewards await you!

🌟 GreeenBTC Incentive Program: Phase 1/2/3 & TOP5 New Rewards announced! 19133 green bitcoin blocks offsetting ART 128 MWh.

🌟 Smart Plug Jan expands to four new countries: France, Belgium, Mexico, and India! Join the Arkreen Climate action today.

🌍 Ecosystem & partnerships booming this month: Welcome @KwilTeam, @wicrypt, @metablox, @EMCprotocol, @mapmetrics aboard! 🤝

Detailed report here https://medium.com/@arkreen/arkreen-highlights-jan-2024-16ded1b68317

#ClimateAction #GreenTech #Bitcoin #CSP #smartplug

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