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Arkreen Network August Highlights

  • Takeaways:

    1. Introduction of new features called AREC Bridge & Port.
    1. Release of installation and remote miner guides.
    1. Participation in #DePIN Summit and partnership formed with Mindnetwork.

@everyone 🚀 Arkreen Network August Highlights! 📢Our monthly achievements:

1️⃣ New features: AREC Bridge & Port 🆕

2️⃣ Release of Arkreen standard miner installation guide & remote miner guide🎥

3️⃣ Participation in the #DePIN Summit hosted by @EV3ventures

4️⃣ Participation in the DePIN Seminar & Roundtable hosted by @sussblockchain

5️⃣ Exciting partnership with @mindnetwork_xyz

6️⃣ Upcoming introduction of extend Arkreen green data supply side to energy consumption scenarios🔌🔋

Stay tuned for more updates! #ArkreenUpdates #TechInnovation 👉👉Full report here: https://medium.com/@arkreen/arkreen-highlights-aug2023-exciting-arec-new-features-standard-miner-video-guide-upcoming-c54d33bb841f

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