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Arkreen Network Introduces New Energy Generation Miners

  • Arkreen Network is developing new miners for energy facilities, with a focus on energy generation.
  • The Standard Miner products are compatible with various inverter energy types, including solar PV panel inverters.
  • The three types of standard miners available are the Smart Dongle-Classic, CT Meter-Classic, and Smart Dongle-Pro.

@everyone 🧵1/ Arkreen Network is continuously developing new types of miners compatible with different energy facilities owned by Arkreen Builders, primarily falling into two main categories: 🅰️Energy Generation and 🅱️Energy Consumption. For the 🅰️Energy Generation Category, Arkreen Network has developed multiple Standard Miner products compatible with various inverter energy types on the market (such as solar PV panel inverters🌞). Currently, there are three standard miner types: 1️⃣Smart Dongle-Classic, 2️⃣CT Meter-Classic, and 3️⃣Smart Dongle-Pro. Learn more about Standard Miner here https://docs.arkreen.com/overview/miner/generation/standard-miner

Twitter link here: https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1715713852216955385?s=20

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