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Arkreen Project Standard Miner Pre-order Update

  • Arkreen is developing a hardware dongle-based Standard Miner that requires interfacing with a solar PV Panel's inverter.
  • Climate actors with Solar PV Panels are encouraged to review and inform Arkreen of their interest in the Standard Miner Pre-order procedure.

@everyone 🧡2/ Our Standard Miners are hardware dongle-based, must be interfaced to a solar PV Panel’s inverter (converts DC to AC current). We are still in the early stages of production for our standard miner; we invite interested climate actors with Solar PV Panels to review our Standard Miner Pre-order procedure to inform us of your interest.

Join the waitlist through our official website (https://arkreen.com/preorder).

Twitter link here: https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1715714183621472476?s=20

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