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Arkreen Takes the Spotlight at HKFW2023 with Unique DePIN Project

  • Arkreen's Unique DePIN Project gains attention at HKFW2023
  • Founder Leo Lin and Anna Liu discuss ambitious Web3 initiatives

@everyone 🧡3️⃣ 🌟 Arkreen, Unique DePIN Project takes the spotlight at #HKFW2023! 🌿

πŸš€ Founder Leo Lin, joined by Anna Liu, GM of Tokenisation at Hashkey Group, unveiled ambitious Web3 initiatives, marking a new chapter for DePIN and ReFI.

🌍 Arkreen envisions Hong Kong as the global hub for DePIN, harnessing renewable energy data for carbon neutrality via a Web3-enabled infrastructure.

πŸ‘‡Watch our full project showcase at #HKFTW2023 🎞 40:23-45:13


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