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Arkreen Third Round Smart Plug Friendly User Recruitment Event

  • Join Arkreen's recruitment event to become a smart plug friendly user.
  • Complete tasks like joining the Arkreen Talk Twitter Space or getting 500 views on a tweet mentioning @arkreen_network.
  • Participate in the GreenBTC Club and own three seeds to gain membership benefits. Additionally, wallet verification using your wallet address will be conducted.

@everyone 🔌Third Round Smart Plug Friendly User Recruitment Event🚀

🗓Start Date: December 2nd 🗓List Announcement: December 8th

🌟Task Requirements: (complete any two tasks to join!)🌟

Task1️⃣: Join our Arkreen Talk Twitter Space, ask questions during the event on twitter 🖇👉https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1730048663072985407?s=20

Task2️⃣: Tweet mentioning @arkreen_network and get 500 views on X/Twitter

Task3️⃣: Participate GreenBTC Club and own three seeds. 🌱🔗👉https://www.greenbtc.club/blocks

⚠️🚨IMPORTANT: 1 The unique identifier will be your wallet address. 👛🦊 2 Once selected,  wallet verification will be conducted by requesting the purchase of a remote miner using the same wallet. 🛒👉https://testconsole.arkreen.com/#/shop 3 Encourage local community to volunteer for testing in more countries.🌍🌏🌎 4 Applications are currently not available for the following regions: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong.


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