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Arweave Day in Asia: Building a Permanent Decentralized Data Storage Ecosystem

  • Arweave Day in Asia gathered a large community of ecosystem builders and investors.
  • The event aimed to explore the possibilities and potential of decentralized and permanent data storage.
  • Discussions revolved around building innovative use cases in the DePIN and ReFi sectors.

@everyone πŸ™Œ We had a blast sharing insights and ideas during Arweave Day in Asia yesterday hosted by Arweave and PermaDAO community. 🀩🀩Joined over a hundred Arweave ecosystem builders and investors in The Arts House #Singapore. Let's keep building amazing decentralized and permanent data storage use case in #DePIN and #ReFi areas. 🌐πŸ’ͺ #Blockchain #Decentralization #ArweaveCommunity #DePIN #ReFi Event details: https://medium.com/@perma_dao/exciting-news-ahead-arweave-day-in-asia-2023-conference-teaser-1f195979b91

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