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Bittensor Documentation Updates

  • The Bittensor network allows participation without the need to create a subnet.
  • The Bittensor API documentation now includes a new homepage and improved Python docstrings for better readability.
  • The documentation has added a new section on Miner deregistration.


Latest doc updates:

  • Enhanced the docs homepage to clarify that you do not need to create a subnet to participate in the Bittensor network.

  • Added a new homepage for the Bittensor API.

  • Enhanced the rendering of the Python docstrings for Bittensor API.

  • Added a new section on Miner deregistration.

  • Head on over to What's New in Docs: https://docs.bittensor.com/whats-new-in-docs. As always, please reach out to @Watchmaker for all your docs questions.

Thanks! @rk2657

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