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Call for Self-Nominations: MOBILE Working Group Membership Elections

  • Nominations for the MOBILE Working Group have been extended
  • Application details can be found at this link
  • Top 5 candidates will be selected through the veMOBILE votes process on https://modular.heliumvote.com

@Community MOBILE Mobile Working Group Membership Elections - Call for Self-Nominations

📣 Nominations for the MOBILE Working Group have now been extended. Enthusiastic individuals can apply or reapply for a 6-month tenure.

Elections occur every 3 months for half of the available working group positions, and each position has a maximum tenure of 6 months. All vacated positions are allowed to reapply.

The number of nominees will be determined by the number of self-nominations. Nomination submissions close on 11/30.

Application details: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4pFKel06L5_Q7AS1FrZMKQXEFT5tUjw35Zuea7StEtP9bFw/closedform

Voting to select the top 5 candidates starts on 12/1. The top 5 winning nominees will be selected by the total veMOBILE votes received.

veMOBILE votes will be conducted on https://modular.heliumvote.com to ensure a fair selection process.

Stay involved with (channel) discussions on Discord.

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to these working groups.

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