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Crankk Rank V2 Now Live - Share Your Feedback!

  • Crankk Rank V2 has transitioned from staging to production, offering improved data packet analysis and gateway seniority representation.
  • Community feedback is crucial during the next few weeks to identify bugs or glitches and inform the development of the ranking system.
  • No immediate impact on rewards, ensuring stability and predictability for users, as Crankk plans the integration of the new ranking system with rewards.

Crankk Rank V2 Goes Live - Your Feedback Shapes the Future!

Dear Crankk Community,

We are thrilled to announce the transition of our Crankk Rank V2 from staging to production! This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards creating a more efficient and equitable network.

What's New with Crankk Rank V2? Our team has been hard at work refining the ranking algorithm, taking into account the invaluable feedback you've provided over the past year. The latest version boasts improved accuracy in data packet analysis and a more fair representation of gateway seniority. Our aim is to provide a ranking system that truly reflects the contribution of each gateway to our network's coverage and efficiency.

Your Feedback is Crucial As always, your insights are vital to our progress. Over the next few weeks, we encourage you to dive into Rank V2, looking for bugs or glitches, and share your experiences with us. Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping the future of Crankk, particularly in how the ranking system will eventually influence rewards.

No Immediate Impact on Rewards We understand the importance of stability and predictability in your earnings. Therefore, as we roll out Crankk Rank V2, rest assured that your current rewards will not be affected. This period is about learning and adapting, ensuring that when the time comes to integrate the ranking with rewards, it is done with your best interests at heart.

Looking Ahead Based on your feedback and our ongoing analysis, we will formulate a plan on how Crankk Rank V2 will influence rewards. Our goal is to find an optimal balance that enhances the overall value and effectiveness of the network, while fairly rewarding your contributions.

Join the Conversation Your voice matters! We invite you to join the discussion on our dedicated Discord channel https://discord.com/channels/954459049720680479/1179104105386492026. Let’s collaborate to make Crankk not just a network, but a community-driven success story.

Please check our arcticel on Medium: https://alviso.medium.com/crankk-rank-v2-df0e392bfb53

Thank you for being an integral part of the Crankk Community. Your participation, feedback, and support are what drive us forward. Together, let's make Crankk better, one step at a time.

Cheers, Crankk Team

@everyone @Ambassadors @Crankkster

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