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CUDOS Intercloud: Cloud Services Transformed

  • CUDOS Intercloud allows users to run Linux-based VMs in a Web3 environment and pay with cryptocurrency.
  • The cloud environment spans 7 countries, offering a vast range of resources, including processor cores, memory, storage, and GPUs.

Hey @In-The-Know

We're thrilled to announce that CUDOS Intercloud (https://intercloud.cudos.org/) is LIVE! 🌩

Imagine running full-system Linux-based VMs in a Web3 environment and paying with cryptocurrency. That's what CUDOS Intercloud offers, transforming the way we think about cloud services.

Our cloud environment is vast and diverse, contributed by numerous distributed service providers. Currently, it spans 7 countries with over 12,000 processor cores, 26,000 GiB memory, 575 TB storage, and an armada of GPUs in various models, perfect for a variety of applications such as AI, media production, or Web3 infrastructure nodes!

With CUDOS Intercloud, experience ease like never before: start with seamless authentication, add CUDOS tokens, and launch your VMs. Plus, enjoy access to high-performance GPUs for specialized workloads.

We value your privacy and freedom. That's why there's no need for sign-ups or KYC. Just fund, choose, and run your servers in a distributed, sustainable way.

Looking ahead, we're expanding payment options and user accessibility. Expect USDC and USDT tokens, MetaMask Logins, automated payments for a seamless experience, and much more!

Join us in this new era of cloud computing. With CUDOS Intercloud, we're not just creating a service; we're crafting an ecosystem where performance and accessibility converge. Let's explore this new frontier together!

Read the full article here ⬇️ https://medium.com/cudos/cudos-intercloud-goes-live-ac7fe557b179

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