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Data-Only Hotspots Return to Helium Network!

  • Data-only hotspots are now supported on the Helium Network.
  • LoRaWAN gateways can participate by integrating the lightweight gateway-rs program.
  • Helium users should download the latest versions of gateway-rs and helium-wallet-rs for deployment.


📣 Data-only hotspots are back on the Helium Network!

These gateways work by transferring data from your end devices and are only eligible for Network Data Transfer Rewards and not Proof of Coverage Rewards.

Any LoRaWAN gateway can participate through the integration of the lightweight gateway-rs program.

This functionality is available through the updated gateway-rs and helium-wallet-rs, so download the latest versions before diving into a deployment.

📖 Read the guides for full details on installation and onboarding: https://docs.helium.com/iot/data-only-hotspots/

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