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DIMO Celebrates One Year of Mainnet Launch

  • DIMO is marking the one-year anniversary of its Mainnet launch.
  • The Mainnet allowed for on-chain vehicle minting and pairing, token issuance, and community governance.

@everyone Happy Birthday, DIMO! 🥳

One year ago today, DIMO Mainnet launched and enabled on-chain vehicle minting & pairing, ongoing token issuance, community governance, paving the road towards the world’s first decentralized, open, connected vehicle network.

To celebrate all of the activity and advancements that occurred this past year, check out the Tweetstorm showcasing some of the mind-blowing stats coming out of the network. If you’re as excited as we are, give it a like and retweet to sound the alarm that DePIN is on the rise. 🗣️


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