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DIMO Discord Notification: Key Updates and Milestones

  • DIMO community surpasses 30,000 connected vehicles milestone
  • Firmware update required for Macaron devices to protect battery life
  • Hackernoon article explores permissionless approaches in the auto industry

@everyone Happy Holidays, Highway Heroes! Lots of happenings in the DIMO-verse this week ‡️

πŸ—žοΈ Headlines

  • The DIMO community crossed an absolutely showstopping milestone this week in having over 30,000 vehicles connected to the network! https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1738274370450022715

  • The firmware on your Macaron needs an update! We designed the device to protect your battery, but without the latest firmware update there is a rare risk of battery death. https://dimo-faq.gorgias.help/en-US/updating-your-dimo-macaron-381322

  • DIMO was featured in a Hackernoon article this week. Andy Chatham & Joe Bender deep dived on how rapidly evolving the auto industry is, and how permissionless approaches could help disrupt automakers and bring power back to the drivers! https://hackernoon.com/remember-the-smartphone-wars-the-auto-industry-is-about-to-make-them-look-like-a-snowball-fight

πŸ“‘ DIMO Insights & News

  • There’s a new Authorized Reseller Partner on the block! Say hello to BlockGenius from Germany. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1737217318554329597

  • Builders, start your engines! There are numerous grants available, and this week we highlighted RFP #5. Apply if you’ve got some crazy ideas about gamification using vehicle data. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1738215236551802926

πŸ“£ Share This

  • There’s a brand new edition of Build With DIMO on Youtube! Co-Founder Andy Chatham sat down with Matt Donofrio, from DIMO Marketplace partner Marble, to discuss how vehicle data could better tailor insurance policies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugU7s0KQwLA

πŸ—“οΈ Save The Date

  • A gentle reminder that we want to give our support team the opportunity to spend time with their family and loved ones during the holidays, and support will be offline for the following days: β€’ Christmas Eve (December 24th): Closed β€’ Christmas Day (December 25th): Closed During these times, our response might be slower than usual. However, we assure you that all your queries will be addressed as soon as possible, and community members here in the Discord are always helpful in lending a hand with issues.

πŸ”” Reminders

  • We’ve received a lot of questions about DIMO Rewards and baseline issuance recently, and wanted to share some key points and a resource that will help with personal calculations:

β€’ There are four different connection types. From least rewards to most rewards, they are: Smartcar API, Macaron, Tesla API, AutoPi.

β€’ You can have a Smartcar API software and hardware connection simultaneously to earn more points, but you cannot have a Tesla API connection with a hardware device.

β€’ Baseline issuance rewards are distributed weekly, at 12:00am EST on Sundays

β€’ Streaks are gained by maintaining a connection for 4+ weeks, and increase a user’s baseline reward amount.

β€’ There is no Points to $DIMO conversion rate. Each week, users earn a proportion of the $DIMO baseline issuance reward pool based on how many points they earned compared to the total points earned by all DIMO drivers.

β€’ For a comprehensive rundown of rewards, baseline issuance, and connection types, please refer to DIP-2 (DIMO Improvement Proposal): https://docs.dimo.zone/governance/amendments/dip2a1

Have a great weekend, and welcome to all the new faces in our server! πŸ‘‹

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