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DIMO Discord Notification Update: Shipping, Macaron, and Support Updates

  • Shipping and processing schedules may be slightly delayed due to high demand during the holiday season.
  • Updates are being made to resolve issues with the Macaron device, including being stuck in pending and not turning on while driving.

@everyone First, we want to thank all of our new users who have recently joined our server. We are glad you are here and excited to be on this journey with us. Given the high amount of questions in discord during the holidays, here’s an update on some major items.

Shipping Update We pride ourselves on processing orders within 5 business days. We're currently navigating through a unique period marked by an increased demand for our products at the peak of the holiday season. This has led to a modest delay in our usual processing and shipping schedules. I'd like to inform you that the oldest orders currently being processed and shipped are from December 16th. We are committed to ensuring that your order is fulfilled as swiftly as possible, and you will be promptly notified with a tracking number via email as soon as your order is on its way. Please have a bit of patience as we work with our warehouses to get your order to you asap.

Macaron Update The Macaron is a new product. Those that have connected are in the first 1,000 people globally to connect a device. We’re working to smooth some operations and your feedback is essential. Here are some key things we are in the process of improving. More details:

-Stuck in pending. We are testing a new app release that should resolve this issue, particularly for Canadian users. Please stand by for more information.

-Macaron not turning on when driving. The device is configured to protect your battery. We recently pushed a firmware update to protect batteries even further. The devices have multiple modes of operation: https://dimo-faq.gorgias.help/en-US/power-consumption-and-sleep-modes-of-the-dimo-macaron-380973 We will continue to change the operations of the device, eventually creating vehicle-specific templates. Yesterday we pushed another update to prevent premature shutdown.

You can get the latest configuration on this vehicle -> clicking the car keys -> going to connections -> Deleting the Macaron connection and then re-pairing the device to your vehicle. This should resolve the improperly set LoraWan region.

Support Update In the last few months over 2,000 people joined the discord and we had thousands of orders, so support tickets are being generated at a higher than average rate. The team and I have been working around the clock to try and resolve your issues as quickly as possible. We do apologize if we have not addressed your ticket just yet. We will get to you, we promise.

We’ll continuously monitor, assist, and provide feedback to our product team to ensure quick and effective updates to our product and I will work with the warehouses to ensure orders are being shipped and no one gets left behind.

Thank you! DIMO Team

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