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DIMO Discord Notification Update: Weekly News and Announcements

  • DIMO Mainnet celebrates one year anniversary with interesting stats and analytics.
  • DIMO mobile app's update frequency improved to 30 seconds for a more real-time experience.
  • DIMO Ignite offers grant opportunity for developers to enhance payment systems.

@everyone Hello DIMO diehards! Another week, another round of updates, news, and announcements for you. It's cold out there! Don't forget your seat heaters. ♨️

🗞️ Headlines

  • This week, the DIMO Mainnet celebrated its one year anniversary! To celebrate, take a look at the blog showcasing some of the most interesting stats and analytics from the network. https://dimo.zone/news/mainnet-1-year-anniversary

  • The update frequency of the DIMO mobile app has been improved from 4 minutes to 30 seconds for a more real-time and performant experience. 📱

  • Just TODAY, drivers on the DIMO network crossed the milestone of 200 million miles driven in total by connected cars! 🛣️

📡DIMO Insights & News

  • We're thrilled to unveil two new Authorized Reseller Partners! 🤝 • Cosmos IoT in the Netherlands: https://cosmosiot.com/en-en • HeliumMart in Bulgaria: https://heliummart.com/dimo-network/

  • Developers, we want you! 🫵 RFP 4 from DIMO Ignite is all about payment systems and adding utility and use cases to the $DIMO token. Apply for a grant today: https://www.dimoignite.org

📣 Share This

  • A new tool was just launched in beta that helps you drivers or deployers manage DIMO rewards. DIMO Buddy is a website that allows DIMO users to configure how rewards, access to data, and other permissions work, including a tool to help streamline the splitting of rewards between multiple wallets. https://dimobuddy.com/

  • We’re starting to see Macaron shipments arrive to customers worldwide! If you ordered on the 13th or before, your device will get there in time to brighten some driver’s holiday on Xmas day. https://twitter.com/digi_infra_inc/status/1735399674607992985

  • Our public goods need to be updated! Take a listen to this clip of @Andy at the Helium House ATX where he discusses how much more efficient a DMV running on smart contracts could be. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1735420312336908609

🗓️ Save The Date

  • As the holiday season approaches, we want to inform you of our support team's schedule so you can plan accordingly. Our goal is to continue providing outstanding service while also allowing our team members to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones:

• Christmas Eve (December 24th): Closed. • Christmas Day (December 25th): Closed. • New Year’s Eve (December 31st): Closed. • New Year’s Day (January 1st): Closed.

During these times, our response might be slower than usual. However, we assure you that all your queries will be addressed as soon as possible. For assistance on non-holiday days, our support team is available between 9 am - 5pm. We appreciate your understanding and wish you a wonderful holiday season. ❄️

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