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DIMO Discord Update: CES Highlights and Network Milestones

  • DIMO co-founders share their impressions of CES and the tech event's showroom floor.
  • DIMO app now supports 2024 Tesla models for free network connectivity.
  • DIMO network reaches milestones: 35,000 connected cars, 1750+ Macarons, and 9000+ AutoPis, approaching $1 billion in total car value.


🗞️ Headlines

  • The DIMO crew traveled to Las Vegas this week to attend CES, one of the largest tech events of the year. Take a look at this clip of co-founders Andy Chatham and Alex Rawitz sharing their impressions of all the happenings from the showroom floor. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1745870312451772607

  • Drivers, start your ~~engines~~ batteries! 2024 models of Tesla vehicles are now supported in the DIMO app and are free to connect to the network. 🔋

  • Good things are on the horizon. The DIMO team is currently in the QA phase for the next build of the DIMO app and firmware update for Macaron devices. Keep your eyes peeled next week for updates on improved voltage reading and fixes for various shutdown/sleep issues.

  • The DIMO Network is churning this week! The ecosystem crossed 35,000 cars connected, 1750+ Macarons & 9000+ AutoPis connected, and we’re narrowing in on $1 billion in total car value. 👀

📡 DIMO Insights & News

  • This week, the milestone of 10,000 Tesla vehicles connected to the DIMO Network was surpassed! Tesla continues to push the limits of “smart” cars, and leads the pack as the most connected car brand on the network. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1744422555702767841

  • Check out this tweetstorm from last weekend detailing the Device Canonical Name system, or DCN. Similar to ENS on Ethereum, it’s a system for assigning a vehicle on the network a human-readable name like a vanity plate for your car. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1743679535948747124

  • Don’t forget! There are loads of grants available for builders who want to make crazy ideas happen on DIMO. This week highlighted RFP #8, which calls for games and quests that leverage DIMO data. https://www.dimoignite.org/

📣 Share This

  • Yesterday, CoinGecko published a rundown of the DePIN narrative gaining traction in the wider web3 world. They argue that "current systems are grossly centralized" and DePIN returns control back to users in a new sort of "industrial class DAO". https://www.coingecko.com/learn/depin-crypto-decentralized-physical-infrastructure-networks

  • Loving this DIMO 101 from Twitter user @TheDeFiKenshin. They break down all aspects of the network, summarizing everything from the high-level mission of an open, connected vehicle network, to specifics like data sharing, roadmap, and on-chain metrics. https://twitter.com/TheDeFiKenshin/status/1744756954067616172

  • Watch this clip where DIMO Co-Founder Yevgeny Khessin summarizes some of the rationale behind blockchains being the perfect infrastructure to establish DePIN networks. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1744782445830955472

  • In another clip, Rob Solomon gets into the nitty gritty of why DIMO is built on Polygon instead of other web3 protocols like Solana. He argues that being composable with all the other innovative experiments happening in the Ethereum ecosystem is an underrated advantage. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1745538822966775919

🗓️ Save The Date

  • DIMO is cooking something up in February for the massive crypto celebration that is EthDenver. You may remember the DIMO Bronco driving around last year to get people hyped about DePIN, and the team is starting to plan some activities surrounding this year’s event. If you’ll be in Colorado for the conference, we’d love to link up! https://www.ethdenver.com/

🔔 Reminders

  • Don’t trust, verify! We’ve got a @shaolinfunktastic doppleganger going around trying to scam people out of their hard-earned DIMO rewards. DIMO employees will NEVER ask you for your seed phrase, passwords, private key, or other sensitive information that is not required for support. Always double check usernames, look for the verified Discord user flair (Mods, DINC, Customer Success, Community Support), and when in doubt DM a moderator or go straight to [email protected]. https://discord.com/channels/892438668453740634/892445232422064169/1194856729188515841

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