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DIMO Project Update and Exciting Developments

  • Solana's Validated podcast discussed DePIN, DIMO, and open data layers.
  • Troubleshooting tips for connecting to DIMO Macaron were shared.
  • DIMO's referral program is successful and the Gate.io listing improves access to DIMO.

@everyone Happy Friday & February! ❄️ Got a whole slew of exciting developments for your weekly announcements today. ⤵️

🗞️ Headlines

  • @alex.rawitz. hopped on Solana’s Validated podcast this week to chat with Austin Federa. It ended up being an all-encompassing overview of DePIN, DIMO, and the importance of open data layers. Hop on over to YouTube to watch the whole conversation. https://youtu.be/2Y3awiZ9cok?si=_vj91yzjxlabEc3e

  • If you are having trouble connecting to the DIMO Macaron bluetooth to update it, be sure to click the button one time to enter bluetooth pairing mode! This should help relieve issues with not finding the device. https://support.drivedimo.com/en-US/what-does-the-dimo-macaron-button-do-385672

📡 DIMO Insights & News

  • Referrals are through the roof! It’s awesome to see users recognizing the value of DIMO, and wanting to share the platform with friends & family. Read through this week’s tweetstorm for a reminder on referral mechanics and how to onboard newcomers. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1753133145321251126

  • DIMO’s mission is ambitious and global, therefore there needs to be worldwide access to the ecosystem. The Gate.io listing this week is another step towards improving availability of DIMO to drivers here, there, and everywhere. https://twitter.com/Gateio_Startup/status/1752892595825680884

📣 Share This

  • Hotspotty dropped a comprehensive Macaron Beginners Guide video. Over the course of 20 minutes, Michael Sothan walks you through a DIMO overview, installation tutorial, car connection how-to, and a summary of DIMO Mobile features. https://youtu.be/T88BHSKCp6k?si=jBq_bF08XZklV3Sa

  • The web3 world got hype for the launch of IoTeX’s DePINscan last week. To learn more, listen to the Twitter Spaces they hosted to commemorate the new platform. @robmsolomon joined in to discuss what it means for DePIN, and why DIMO is a fan of data availability. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1DXxyjMRaQgKM?s=20

  • DePIN Hub is your home for content and media about decentralized infrastructure happenings in the space. The DIMO team authored a piece about the sensitivity and significance of vehicle data, and why users should be empowered to monetize it just like the big car manufacturers. https://depinhub.io/projects/dimo/blog/take-control-of-your-data-why-car-companies-shouldnt-be-the-only-ones-profiting

  • @Andy was a guest on the Baselayer podcast this week, diving into the mindset shift required to consider your vehicle an asset that can generate value beyond going from point A to B. https://player.fm/series/base-layer-2513509/base-layer-episode-255-andy-chatham-co-founder-of-dimo-turning-your-cars-data-into-an-asset

🗓️ Save The Date

  • In addition to the main EthDenver event, there will also be a DIMO crew attending IoTeX’s R3AL WORLD event celebrating DePIN on Wednesday, February 28th. DePIN ❤️’s DePIN 🤝 https://lu.ma/r3al-world-ethdenver

🔔 Reminders

  • Don’t forget! DIMO Mobile can scan your vehicle’s error codes. Demystify that pesky check engine light, and spare yourself a trip to the mechanic for a problem you maybe already knew existed. https://twitter.com/DriveDIMO/status/1752347715906781654

Everyone have a great weekend! It's been awesome to see more newcomers joining the community, cars connect to the network, and content produced about the future of connected vehicles.

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