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DIMO Server Status Update

  • Data and tokens are safe and can be viewed in MetaMask, Rainbow wallets, or via Polygonscan for in-app wallet users.
  • The DIMO team is actively monitoring the situation and working towards resolving the server load issue.

@everyone Server Status Update

Summary A few of our servers are being stressed at this time, resulting in a few endpoints being brought down/delayed i.e market tab

Are my Data and Tokens safe? Yes! You can view your DIMO balance in your MetaMask or Rainbow wallets, or you can use Polygonscan to view your token holdings if using the in-app wallet.

When will this service be restored? We are currently monitoring the situation and working on getting our server load back under control.

What do I do? No action is needed on your part, once the server load is back under control, you should be able to use the Mobile app like normal. We will update you when this issue has been resolved.

Thank you! DIMO team

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