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DIMO Weekly Roundup: CoinFund Leads Series A Investment, Macaron Devices Reach 2,000, and New Fleet Management Dashboard

  • CoinFund invests in Digital Infrastructure Inc. to support the open, connected car network mission.
  • DIMO network has over 2,000 Macaron hardware devices connected.
  • FleetLogic launches fleet management dashboard on DIMO and opens waitlist for their platform.

@everyone Hey there DIMO-ites! Here's your Friday roundup of weekly announcements to dive into 🏊

🗞️ Headlines

  • This week, CoinFund unveiled that they are leading a Series A round of investment in Digital Infrastructure Inc., the publisher of DIMO Mobile and a core developer of the DIMO Network. Along with Slow Ventures, ConsenSys Mesh, Borderless Capital, their confidence in the future of DePIN only reinforces the mission of an open, connected car network. https://blog.coinfund.io/the-dawn-of-depin-leading-the-series-a-in-dimos-open-platform-for-car-apps-e038a89b7ce5

  • Macarons are getting out into the world and into vehicles! There are now over 2,000 Macaron hardware devices connected to the network. 📈

📡 DIMO Insights & News

  • Meet the latest team building on DIMO! FleetLogic is a fleet management dashboard that gives owners robust insights into all the cars in their arsenal. They just launched the waitlist for their new platform. https://fleetlogic.io/

📣 Share This

  • Did you know that DIMO Mobile will send users critical notifications when a vehicle requires maintenance? When a car’s telemetry reports oil life dipping below 20%, drivers will receive a notification alerting them to the suboptimal functionality. https://twitter.com/DIMO_Network/status/1747636852226412811

  • DIMO is proudly built on Polygon. Their founder, Sandeep Nailwal, shouted out DIMO on Twitter this week, and is hype about DePIN projects leveraging the Polygon network. https://twitter.com/sandeepnailwal/status/1747691169067175992

🗓️ Save The Date

  • Set a reminder for a Twitter Spaces around building DePIN on Polygonthis Monday at 1pm EST. The DIMO team will be joining the conversation and are looking forward to chatting with other projects building in the sector. https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1YpKkwDzXRmKj?s=20

🔔 Reminders

  • We’ve been dealing with an incredible surge of demand for DIMO devices, which has created a series of unanticipated delays in our supply chain and distribution network. Unfortunately, this means that delivering devices is taking longer than we’d originally communicated, and we know that’s frustrating. We truly apologize for any problems this may have caused you, and appreciate your understanding & excitement to join the DIMO community. We’ve been learning important lessons that will improve our process for future orders as we scale the network. Current timelines indicate we should have every device ordered up to January 5th, 2024 out by the first week in February (2-3 weeks from today).

  • Come check out the DIMO subreddit! It’s been growing in subscribers day by day, and the comment sections are full of spirited DePIN discussion. https://www.reddit.com/r/dimo_network/

Have a fantastic weekend, and be sure to crank those seat heaters if you're in a frigid part of the world ☃️

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