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Discord Notification Update - DIMO Project

  • Grant opportunity available for creating an app overview and hardware install video for the new DIMO device.
  • Building on DIMO is growing, with a cell coverage map and a mobile app for vehicle data now available.
  • DIMO is gaining recognition, with the European Commission adding it to their report and job openings in OpenSource autonomy and senior product design.

@everyone announcement time! Big thanks to all of our speakers, attendees, and cosponsors who came to our Messari side event today. Couldn’t make it? Don't worry, we’ll be posting videos of the panels on Youtube so stay tuned 📺


  • 🚨Grant alert 🚨do you have experience making tutorial videos? We're offering 10k $DIMO for an app overview and hardware install video for the new DIMO device. Email [email protected] with your qualifications.

Building on DIMO is Ramping 🆙

  • Newest network user Coverage critic dropped a cell coverage map built on aggregated DIMO data - stay tuned for updates https://discord.com/channels/892438668453740634/1034543977082404864/1154127896433131601
  • The free VehicleGenius mobile app is ready for testing! Login with DIMO to VehicleGenius and use your DIMO data to stop wasting time/money on your car! If you’re in the US and have an iPhone, click here to get started: https://tinyurl.com/4mbxcfsp

Network News 📰

  • The @EU_Commission added DIMO to their report on "Emerging models for more inclusive data governance https://x.com/Ajchatham/status/1704529028261052858?s=20
  • The DIMO Foundation is hiring a position to work on OpenSource autonomy. If you have experience contributing to OpenPilot you’re a great candidate. Reach out to [email protected] or see more info here: https://x.com/DIMO_Network/status/1696935346792182051?s=20
  • We’re hiring a senior product designer based in NYC or Ann Arbor/Detroit: https://wellfound.com/l/2zkaaQ

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  • It was standing room only at our Messari side event in NYC today 🎤 https://twitter.com/gaby_goldberg/status/1705236224808480991

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