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Discord Notification Update: Helium Project Voting Results

  • HIP 101, regarding PoC rewards, failed to reach the passing threshold.
  • HIP 102, introducing LNS for educational and trial use, received high approval.

@Community, @veMOBILE Voter, @veIOT Voter, the results are in!

HIP 101 has failed ❌

The community voted against HIP 101. Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) rewards for Wi-Fi and CBRS Hotspots will not be standardized as the vote for HIP 101 registered 64.52% β€œyes” votes, which is below the passing threshold. It’s worth noting that this vote has had the largest vote turnout for the MOBILE network. Please also note that the Wallet app is showing this vote as successful which is incorrect based on chain data. An app update is in progress that will address this UX issue.

HIP 102 has passed βœ…

HIP 102, which introduces the LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) for educational and trial use on Helium IOT Network, received a 94.9% approval, which is above the passing threshold. Implementation details will be shared with the community soon.

HIP 104 has passed βœ…

The community approved HIP 104 today, this will impact all hotspot owners, reducing rewards in crowded areas and possibly increasing them in less dense regions. HIP 104 registered 94.74% β€œyes” votes which is above the passing threshold. Implementation of this proposal will require an update to the rewards oracle which will be communicated and launched shortly.

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