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Discussion Open: Proposal for Harmonizing Frequency Plans in Africa

  • HIP 100 suggests switching the Helium Network's frequency plan in Africa from EU433 to EU868, in line with guidance from local regulatory authorities.
  • The proposal acknowledges the lack of specific regional parameters defined by the LoRa Alliance for some countries in Africa.

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HIP 100 is now open for discussion. 🗣️

🧐 It's a key topic that will influence IOT Network's path forward.

HIP 100 proposes the provisional assignment of countries in Africa with unspecified and EU433 plans to the EU868 frequency plan.

Key points:

  • Proposes this change in alignment with guidance from local regulatory authorities like the Africa Telecoms Union (ATU) and practices of local deployers.
  • Acknowledges the current lack of specific regional parameters or harmonization defined for some countries by the LoRa Alliance.
  • Addresses the issue where EU433 is currently the only or primary frequency plan in these areas, proposing a switch by the Helium Network to EU868.
  • Aims to enhance regulatory compliance and efficiency in the region's LoRaWAN network deployments.

Conversations are happening now under the Governance Folder. Join the debates! https://discord.com/channels/404106811252408320/1173757178067288125

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