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Exciting News: Over 10,000 Miners on Arkreen and Onboarding Rewards Available!

  • Arkreen has surpassed 10,000 miners in the first week of 2024.
  • Participate in the tAKRE withdraw task for a chance to earn 10 tAKRE reward.

@everyone 🎉 Exciting News! 🚀 We've surpassed 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ arkreen miners in the first week of 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣! 🌟 Grateful to all community members for your great support. Join us in the tAKRE withdraw task and get a 10 tAKRE reward upon completion. 🌐💚

Encourage all your friends to join Web3 Climate Action and promptly seize their onboarding welcome gift! 🎁 First come, first served. Don't miss out! #Web3 #ClimateAction #CryptoCommunity #Rewards

Claim your rewards now 👉https://testconsole.arkreen.com/?channel=20240116Onboarding Twitter link here: https://x.com/arkreen_network/status/1747224235456823507?s=20

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