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Exciting Updates for ionet Beta Version Launch

  • Access to a decentralized cloud with over 107K+ GPUs
  • AI computing costs up to 90% cheaper than traditional alternatives
  • Simplified self-service deployment in 90 seconds or less

@everyone io.net's beta version goes live in 2 days.

Here are 3 things ML engineers can access on November 3rd. ⬇️

Decentralized cloud 🌐 A total of 107K+ GPUs. Available in one click. From thousands of locations around the world.

This means AI computing will be up to 90% cheaper than traditional alternatives like AWS and Azure. No need to pay more than needed.

Self-service deployment πŸ€– io.net does not overcomplicate the process. Minimal human factor involved.

Choose your specs, pay, and deploy in 90 seconds or less.

Keep up with innovation βš–οΈ With the world’s largest AI compute cloud, AI startups can unlock unlimited scaling capabilities.

We are building a sustainable solution to the scarce supply of GPU computing.

Gain exclusive access to io.net. πŸ”—https://io.net/#waitlist

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