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Final Voting Reminder for Helium Project

  • HIP 103 introduces three new Oracles for Hotspot rewards: Footfall Oracle, Land Type Oracle, and Urbanization Oracle.
  • HIP 103 proposes benefits for Service Providers, Subscribers, and Radio/Wi-Fi Deployers, including a coverage map and increased rewards.

🔔 @Community, @veMOBILE Voter, and @veIOT Voter, this is your final opportunity to cast votes for HIP 103 and 106. 🗳️

HIP 103: MOBILE Oracle Hex Boosting

This HIP establishes a new MOBILE Oracle framework for Hotspot rewards and adds three (3) new Oracles.

Footfall Oracle: incentives deployments in areas that have heavy footfall traffic Land Type Oracle: discourages deployments that cover empty fields and bodies of water Urbanization Oracle: encourages deployments in urbanized areas

If passed, this HIP proposes that Service Providers & Subscribers can benefit from a coverage map of more useful radio/wi-fi coverage. Radio/Wi-Fi Deployers can benefit from increased rewards for providing coverage in areas where this type of coverage is needed. https://heliumvote.com/mobile/proposals/45KakF8bf5K2t5eSj1iZGNYjD2qcCy5VgZZ2XUPXnE4X

HIP 106: Hotspot Bidirectional Coverage Requirement

This IOT HIP proposal proposes moving the bidirectionality metric currently enforced by the denylist to the PoC pipeline.

This implementation also carries the added benefit of a more responsive system for Hotspot owners to be able to deploy coverage and participate in PoC rewards sooner. https://heliumvote.com/iot/proposals/CBDNEgZiXqPYGpLQrMNZnJtKwbDuBDG6csAhPpBVDZNV

Note: Voting for HIPs 98 and 105 was canceled due to some incorrect text in the vote descriptions.

24 hrs left before voting closes. Don't miss your chance to vote for the future of the Helium Network. 🗳️🎈 https://heliumvote.com/

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