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Fleek Project Update: Testnet Phase 3 Progress

  • Over 7500 function calls have been made in Testnet Phase 3, reflecting active testing by the testers.
  • The project provides a code playground for users to deploy their own functions, allowing for personalization and customization.
  • Participants have a chance to win a share of the 2 ETH prize through the bounty contest on Farcaster, encouraging creative and innovative use cases.

Testnet Phase 3 Update @everyone ⚡

Phase 3 is about halfway done and to this point, testers have deployed/made a total of:

  • 397 Functions
  • 7532 Function Calls

Access the code playground & deploy your own function here: https://play.fleek.network

A full performance report and Phase 3 retrospective will be shared in the week after this phase's completion. Expect to see a comprehensive breakdown of findings from this phase, including metrics and a preview of what is to come next.

To get started with your first serverless edge function, follow this guide from Kanishk: https://twitter.com/fleek_net/status/1753531279432126840

Not sure what to deploy?

Get some inspiration from Nader Dabit's serverless edge function x fal AI app: https://twitter.com/dabit3/status/1753543102768337289

And don't forget to submit your best use cases to the bounty contest on Farcaster, the three best novel use cases will get a share of the 2 ETH prize!

Submit your functions and tag the bounty bot in this thread to enter: https://warpcast.com/fleek/0x4ccbd83b

If you haven't tried yet, there's still plenty of time to deploy and test serverless edge functions before the end of Phase 3. We're super excited about the results to this point– stay tuned for some new POCs, use cases, and tutorials dropping in the coming days ⚡

For more on Phase 3, including goals and participation details, check out: https://blog.fleek.network/post/fleek-network-phase-3-release/

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