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GenesysGo Discord Notification: BONKbot Support for shdwDrive v2 Testnet2

  • BONKbot is allocating 20% of trading fees from new users (10% for existing users) to buy SHDW and support shdwDrive v2 testnet2.
  • The SHDW bought from the market will be sent to shdwOperators participating in testnet2.

Hey @everyone ! I don't know who all in here uses BONKbot but we were included in their most recent initiative!

The BONKbot team was looking for ways to help support shdwDrive v2's testnet2 and so 20% of the trading fees generated by new users (10% for existing users) of the shdwBONKbot are being used to buy SHDW from the open market and send it to the shdwOperator's participating in testnet2.

After testnet2 ends in mid-April, all SHDW bought via shdwBONKbot fees are being locked away and will be used to help bolster the SHDW emissions pool for shdwDrive v2's mainnet launch later on this year.

TL;DR - shdwBONKbot fees will automatically buy SHDW and lock it up, thereby slowing SHDW's overall token velocity.

Here's the original tweet: https://x.com/bonkbot_io/status/1752457841569665135?s=20

Here's the link to shdwBONKbot: https://t.me/bonkbot_bot?start=ref_shdw

So, if you're a BONKbot user please help support testnet2 by using shdwBONKbot and onboarding new shdwBONKbot users as well!

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