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GenesysGo Project Update: Role Assignment Bot Fixes and System Rework

  • Role assignment bot and cNFT issuance fixes have been implemented.
  • System has been reworked to improve scalability and robustness.

Good news @everyone!

We've pushed out the fixes to the role assignment bot, fixes for the automatic issuance of the cNFT to node operators, and the dashboard fixes.

All the actions are now queued and processed FIFO as they're received, this is done to limit how hard we:

  1. hit our own dbs
  2. hit solana RPCs
  3. hit discord's api

We basically reworked the entire system due to the massive spike in demand causing us to smash Solana and Discord rate limits.

Hence why it took a few days. We decided the right move was to ensure the system could scale properly rather than just applying a bandaid fix.

The rework makes the system more robust and scalable. This ensures that, if for some reason there's a failure with one request, the whole system doesn't just fall over and die while that request is being retried.

Under normal circumstances the system will update ppl's info within a few seconds. During times where there's a ton of ppl all trying to get roles assigned at once it could take a few minutes.

Regarding the dashboard for shdwOperator Uptime, we’ve implanted the fixes for the visual bugs and are going to watch over the weekend to make sure the math is math’ing correctly. The Uptime dashboard is running a lot of calculations at any given second and we’d rather let it soak a day or two before pushing it live.

Again, pls remember that the dashboard does not affect your rewards or uptime as it is simply a reporting tool for what is built into DAGGER’s ledger.

We rly appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve ironed out these wrinkles!

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