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Golem Onboarding Portal Launches in Collaboration with Ramp Network

  • The Onboarding Portal by Golem and Ramp Network is now live, making it easier to obtain and use GLM tokens.
  • The portal addresses common questions about GLM tokens, storage methods, blockchain networks, and the need for MATIC/ETH tokens.


We are excited to announce that our Onboarding Portal is now LIVE! 🚀We've teamed up with Ramp Network to make obtaining GLM and jumping into the Golem Ecosystem easier than ever! 🤩

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where You wanted to start using Golem Network and ended up overwhelmed with questions like:

  • What is a GLM token and what is it used for❔
  • How to get GLM tokens and how to store them❔
  • What is a blockchain network and which one should I use❔
  • Why do I need MATIC/ETH tokens on top of my GLM tokens❔

If that is the case, do not worry anymore - we have you covered! The Onboarding Portal will be your guide through the stormy waters of the Web3 world! We created it with a single goal in mind: to let You focus as soon as possible on what matters the most - start building cool stuff on Golem Network! 🛠️

Ready to give it a try? Click "GET GLM TOKENS" on our website, and our Onboarding Portal will have you all set before you know it! 👉 https://www.golem.network/

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