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GreenBTC Club Phase 3 Airdrop Update

  • GreenBTC Club Phase 3 is live, providing real-time updates on rewards.
  • Only greening actions completed between Jan 28th and Feb 4th qualify for airdrop rewards.
  • Guidelines for the GreenBTC Club Phase 3 can be found here.

@everyone 🌿 #GreenBTC Club Phase 3 is live! 🚀 Get real-time updates on rewards for your Greening #Bitcoin actions! (👉https://greenbtc.club/?channel=20240128airdropphase3)💰🌱

Participate from Jan 28th 00:00 UTC+0 to Feb 4th 00:00 UTC+0. Remember, only greening actions completed during this period qualify for airdrop rewards.

Check out the guidelines here 👉: https://medium.com/@arkreen/greenbtc-club-incentive-program-phase-3-guidelines-1c047c413e0d

Let's make a positive impact together! 🌍 #Bitcoin #GreenBTC #Crypto #GreenEnergy #Airdrops


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