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Helium Explorer: Discover the Power of the Helium Network

  • Helium Explorer maps Hotspotty, Moken, and Relay, providing insight into the network's density and coverage.
  • Designed for both large-scale deployers and community members, Helium Explorer offers a range of features to understand hotspot data and optimize network performance.


ICYMI, Joey Hiller, the Senior Technical Director at Helium Foundation on the State of the Network show run by @gristleking, gave a shout-out to Helium Explorer maps Hotspotty, Moken, and Relay! The Explorer is an excellent tool for anyone interested in the global reach and ubiquitous coverage of the Helium Network. To check your area’s density, simply visit the Helium Hotspot Map at https://explorer.helium.com/

Helium Explorer was created and is maintained by three dedicated members of the Helium community: Hotspotty, Moken, and Relay. It's particularly useful for those looking to build on the world's largest decentralized wireless network.

The Helium Explorer caters to a wide range of users. While some features are designed for large-scale deployers aiming to expand the network, others assist community members in understanding their hotspot data. These tools enable users to plan, monitor, and manage their hotspots, track payouts, and optimize the network's performance in real-time.

This kind of redundant coverage enables various applications, businesses, and municipalities to reduce connectivity costs by using the largest open and decentralized wireless network.

Watch the full State of the Network show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMHaRFaN-iU&ab_channel=GristleKing

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