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Helium Mobile Hotspot Dashboard Outage Resolved

  • The Helium Mobile Hotspot Dashboard experienced an outage, causing missing hotspots and limited metrics.
  • The issue has been resolved, and data will gradually re-populate from new hotspot reports.
  • Logging out and back in may fix any remaining issues, and support is available for further assistance.

@5G Owner Helium Mobile Hotspot Dashboard Outage [Resolved] Helium Mobile Hotspot Dashboard is getting back up. You might see missing Hotspots as well as some metrics like speed tests and data transmission. The data will be gradually re-populated as the new reports from Hotspots come in.

Please try to log out and log back in if you still see issues in a couple of hours. If re-login doesn't help, contact support https://freedomfi.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/1

As a reminder, this issue did not affect MOBILE rewards.

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