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Helium Mobile Working Group Membership Election

  • The Helium community can participate in the election for Mobile Working Group Membership through the Helium Modular Governance platform.
  • Voters can select up to 5 candidates for the election.
  • The elected members will serve staggered six-month terms.


It’s time to vote for the 5 open Mobile Working Group Membership roles!

Today, elections are being held for 5 self-nominated individuals to participate in the Mobile Working Group’s activities and decisions for the next 6 months.

Community election voting rules:

  • Voting is counted on the Helium Modular Governance platform.
  • The display order of the 10 candidates' messages is ordered by submission date.
  • You can vote for up to 5 candidates at a time.
  • Candidates will be ranked based on their accumulated veMOBILE votes.
  • The top 5 veMOBILE vote winners will be elected.
  • The working group consists of two sets of members who serve staggered six-month terms, maintaining a balance between consistent involvement and new viewpoints.

Be a voter! 🫡 Voting is open for the next 7 days! ⏰ VOTE NOW: https://modular.heliumvote.com/?network=Helium%20MOBILE

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