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Helium Network Governance Updates: MOBILE Working Group Nominations, HIP 103 and 106 Results, and Live Voting for HIP 98 and 105.

  • The MOBILE Working Group is seeking self-nominations for participants in the MOBILE Network's activities and decisions for the next 6 months.
  • HIP 103 and 106 have passed, resulting in the implementation of new MOBILE Oracles framework and the movement of the bidirectionality metric.

@Community, @veMOBILE Voter, @veIOT Voter - The Helium Foundation team has several Network Governance updates. Here are the most recent advancements in the ecosystem: 🌐 πŸ‘‡πŸ½

1. Nominations for MOBILE Working Group

The MOBILE Working Group is looking for 5 self-nominated individuals to participate in the MOBILE Network’s activities and decisions for the next 6 months. (Feb 22nd - Aug 22nd, 2024)

The nomination submissions will close at the end of day on February 12th PST. If you are interested in serving, fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4pFKel06L5_Q7AS1FrZMKQXEFT5tUjw35Zuea7StEtP9bFw/viewform

2. HIP 103 and 106 results

The results are in!

HIP 103 has passed βœ…

HIP 103, received a 92.84% approval, which is above the passing threshold. The passing of this HIP will add three (3) new MOBILE Oracles framework for Hotspot rewards. Implementation of this HIP will kick off in the next few months.


HIP 106 has passed βœ…

HIP 106, received a 98% approval, which is above the passing threshold. The passing of this HIP means the bidirectionality metric will be moved from the denylist to the PoC pipeline. Implementation details will be shared with the community soon.


3. Votes are live again for HIP 98 and 105.

@Community, @veMOBILE Voter, Vote for HIP 98 and 105πŸ—³οΈHIP 98: MOBILE SubDAO Quality of Service (QoS) Requirements **This HIP formalizes quality of service standards (QoS) requirements for the Helium MOBILE Network. Previous QoS requirements were implemented for the MOBILE network without community input and vote.

It also introduces an "Acceptable" speed tier with a 0.75X multiplier, aiming to reward moderate internet speeds of 5G hotspots. Speed test results will be categorized into one of four tiers - Good, Acceptable, Degraded, Poor, and Fail.

https://heliumvote.com/mobile/proposals/4uxiVotSbTPKXxTvduBM7z7bdw7zQsn3uZsDt1JmsXbSHIP 105: Modification of MOBILE subDAO Hex Limits

This HIP is an amendment to HIP 85, the author of this HIP proposes to create separate Hex Limits for both Outdoor Wi-Fi and Outdoor CBRS.

HIP 85 aimed to restrict Modeled Coverage Points (MCP) for outdoor radios, without specifying whether they were CBRS or Wi-Fi. As a result, it counted the top three signals from any source within each res12 hex. HIP 105 intends to modify this approach by allowing up to three CBRS and three Wi-Fi signals to earn MCP within each res12 hex.


Voting stays open for 7 days. You can vote now using your veMOBILE. If you don't already have veMOBILE, you can lock your MOBILE using the governance icon in the Helium Wallet App or Helium Vote. πŸ—³οΈ https://heliumvote.com

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