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Helium Project Update: HIP 74 and HIP 85 Introduce Modeled Coverage Rewards and Limits for Mobile Hexes

  • HIP 74 introduces modeled coverage data as a new proof-of-coverage layer for the Helium Network, ensuring fair compensation for network builders.
  • The 5G network will use smaller hexes to assess coverage levels and reward only the top-performing radios in each hex.
  • HIP 85 adds a hex multiplier score to encourage outdoor radio deployments that minimize overlapping coverage and expand network reach.


HIP 74, MOBILE PoC - Modeled Coverage Rewards, and HIP 85, Adding MOBILE Hex Coverage Limits to Outdoor Radios, Are Implemented!

In HIP 74, rewards have evolved for 5G Hotspot owners by ensuring Network builders are compensated appropriately for creating high-quality signal environments, which will be measured by adding modeled coverage data as a new MOBILE Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) layer.

Reward changes have occurred in 2 ways:

Hex Updates: The Helium Network is represented by hexagons (hexes). HIP 74 proposes that the Helium 5G network use smaller hexes than those used for the IoT network to assess the best coverage level.

Changes to the Rewards Algorithm: Only the top-performing radios providing coverage in a given hex will be eligible to earn rewards, capped at 5 indoor and 3 outdoor radios.

To learn more about the HIP 74 update, read the original blog post: https://blog.helium.com/hip-74-what-you-need-to-know-7d296af0ed86

πŸ—ΊοΈ The Helium Mobile team has recently developed a coverage map tool that helps estimate how much coverage you could create with your Hotspot. Explore it here: ​​https://planner.hellohelium.com

HIP 85 added a hex multiplier score to the MOBILE (PoC) Modeled Coverage Points based on whether other coverage from Helium 5G deployments exists within each res12 hex and only applies to outdoor radios.

HIP 85 will improve the value of Mobile Network coverage by incentivizing users to deploy radios that minimize overlapping coverage and encourage deployments in new areas.

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