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Helium Wallet App: Visual Display Bug in Insufficient SOL to Pay for Fees Modal

  • The "Insufficient SOL to pay for fees" modal in the Helium Wallet App has a visual display bug.
  • The HNT amount in this modal is missing a decimal point and should be divided by 100,000,000.


Visual Display Bug: Insufficient SOL to pay for fees

The core dev team has identified a visual display bug in the, "Insufficient SOL to pay for fees" modal introduced in the v2.2.0 release of the Helium Wallet App. If your wallet has less than 0.02 SOL, this pop-up may appear and it’s missing a decimal point in the HNT amount. This number should be divided by 100,000,000 (e.g., 20015000 should be 0.200015 HNT). Rest assured it's purely a display bug and the correct amount of HNT is being used for this swap.

This issue has been addressed and will be resolved in the upcoming v2.3.0 release. No further action is needed from users at this time.

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