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Helium's L1 Migration to Solana and Other Exciting Updates at Breakpoint 2023

  • Helium is migrating to Solana's L1, enabling lightning-fast transactions.
  • Breakpoint 2023 featured a thrilling DePINg PONG event with multiple projects, including Hivemapper.
  • Helium's HNT Token was listed on SwissBorg.


Helium is one of the most talked-about DePIN projects at #Breakpoint2023!

Ready for the recap?

🎤 Noah Prince, Head of Protocol Engineering, kicked off Breakpoint 2023 discussing Helium's L1 migration to Solana, highlighting how a million transactions executed at lightning speed—only possible on Solana.

🥊 The audience was on the edge of their seats, watching as Abhay Kumar and Josh Finer stepped into the boxing ring, facing the bear market head-on with gloves of steel.

🏓 The DePINg PONG event was a smash hit, hosted alongside Filecoin, Render Network, Hivemapper, Helium, Ionet, Wifi Dabba - full house, intense rallies, and a camaraderie that echoed through the hall.

🎈Swissborg's CEO, Cyrus Fazel, announced that Helium's HNT Token was listed on SwissBorg.

🗣️ Solana RPC 2.0 Roundtable at the Innovator stage with Max Mango, Noah Prince, and Brian Long.

👋 If you ar​​e at Breakpoint, don't miss Abhay Kumar’s talk tomorrow on the Innovator stage, 11/2 at 12:15 pm, exploring DePIN, Helium, and future opportunities on Solana.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more Helium-filled updates! 🎈

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