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Important Announcement Regarding Radio Administrator Passwords for XNET Network

  • Changing radio administrator passwords on XNET network leads to loss of network connectivity and rewards eligibility.
  • XNET does not lock radios to uphold user control of equipment.
  • Managing radios on the network is essential for firmware updates and settings configuration.

Hey, @everyone — happy holidays! 🎄 and a quick announcement: if you change your radio administrator password, we can't manage your radio. That means you are off the XNET network, and you won't receive rewards. Unlike other projects, XNET does not lock radios, because we believe that you should be able to control the equipment you purchase. That said, we have to be able to manage the radios on our network, including applying firmware updates and reconfiguring settings, and we can't do that if you change the administrator password. So if you have made these changes, please open a ticket ASAP and change the password back, otherwise your radio will be marked as rewards ineligible. Thanks!

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