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Important Links for genesysgo Project

  • Visit the community shdwStaking at https://testnet.shdwdrive.com/
  • Check out shdwOperator Rewards at https://testnet.shdwdrive.com/operator-rewards
  • Explore the shdwOperator Uptime Leaderboard at https://testnet.shdwdrive.com/uptime-leaderboard


Friendly reminder, the only links you should trust are in this announcement right here ⬇️, in (channel), in (channel), and/or pinned to our profile on Twitter (link below as well).

https://testnet.shdwdrive.com/ - Community shdwStaking

https://testnet.shdwdrive.com/operator-rewards - shdwOperator Rewards

https://testnet.shdwdrive.com/uptime-leaderboard - shdwOperator Uptime Leaderboard


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