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Important Notice: Protect Yourself from Helium Airdrop Scams and Fraudulent Support Messages

  • Don't trust offers for free tokens and be cautious of fake airdrops.
  • Helium does not use a ticketing system for support, so any communication related to support tickets is fake.
  • Be careful of malicious links and protect your recovery phrase and personal information.

Helium @Community — Be careful! 🚨

We've noticed a rise in $HNT, $IOT, and $MOBILE airdrops scams targeting Helium community members. Here's what you need to watch out for:

Fake Airdrops: Scammers are pretending to offer free token airdrops, often using credible-looking social media profiles or websites.

Helium Support Messages: Helium does not use a ticketing system for support queries. Any communication claiming to be a Helium support ticket should be considered fraudulent. We’ve been alerted about an increase in support messages through platforms like Discord and Reddit DMs. Please be aware that these are not from Helium.

Malicious Links: These scams feature links leading to counterfeit websites. While they may resemble legitimate pages, their goal is to steal your information. See some examples in our (channel) channel.

Permission Traps: The Helium team will never contact you directly to ask for your 12 or 24-word recovery phrase, private key, or other sensitive personal information. Do not share your 12 or 24-words, or private keys with anyone claiming to be from Helium.

Safeguarding 12 and 24-Word Phrases: Your 12 or 24-word recovery phrase is the key to your account. Write it down and store it in a secure location. It's important to keep this information offline and away from potential digital threats.

Exercise Caution: A healthy dose of skepticism can save you from these traps. Regularly check official channels for announcements and consult the official moderators on Discord if you need clarification. An official moderator can be identified by their distinctive orange-colored username in the Helium Discord.

Stay informed, maintain a healthy skepticism, and protect each other. Stay safe out there! 🔐

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