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Important Notice Regarding Impersonation and Theft on DIMO Discord

  • A user impersonating members of the DINC team is stealing $DIMO and other tokens from community members.
  • Users should always verify the sender's profile before responding to any messages.

Hey @everyone, I wanted to write this up before heading out to bed but I have been getting an alarming number of reports out there that someone is impersonating me and other members of the DINC team and robbing people of their $DIMO and other tokens.

I want to say this to anyone who has been robbed because of someone using my name. I am so very sorry that this is happened to you and I really feel for you. I personally am very angry at this individual as they are tarnishing my name and reputation and using it to take advantage of people.

Please do not answer any DMs from anyone using my name without checking the profile first. I have included a screenshot of my personal profile that includes my direct socials. If it matches the screenshot then you are on the right track but always be cautious.

As a reminder too, NO ONE from the DIMO team will ever DM you first. We will never ask you to sign a random transaction in a DM. We will never ask for your secret key or 12 words to your account. We will always ask that you email [email protected] for official support. It might take longer to get an answer, but its safer.

To the person that is doing this to out fellow community members, I will hunt you down.

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