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Impressive Accomplishment and Extra Reward for OoO on Day 2 of Arkreen

  • OoO achieves an impressive 1458 tAKRE on Day 2 with a single seed
  • Top 4️⃣ spot earned, granting an additional 12.5% of 50,000 tAKRE

@everyone 🌟 Exciting update! Enormous congratulations to OoO for an exceptional accomplishment on Day 2. A single seed not only secured an impressive 1458 tAKRE but also earned the opportunity to be Top 4️⃣, grabbing an extra 12.5% of 50,000 tAKRE. It's a testament to determination, courage, and a touch of luck. Keep greening and forging ahead! 🚀🏆https://greenbtc.club/blocks

#AchievementUnlocked #GreenBTC #ExtraReward

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