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Introducing DIMO Macaron: A Bite-Size Alternative for Vehicle Connectivity on the DIMO Network

  • DIMO Macaron is a new device that provides a bite-size alternative to DIMO AutoPi for vehicle connectivity on the DIMO Network.
  • The Macaron is powered by DIMO Mobile and the Helium IoT Network, offering affordable connectivity and no subscription fees for 3 years.


We’ve been listening and working, and are thrilled to introduce the DIMO Macaron. A bite-size alternative to the DIMO AutoPi, DIMO Macaron is a new way to connect your vehicle and earn on the DIMO Network. We gave everyone in NYC a sneak peak last week, and we’re opening up the presale here on Discord only before we announce more broadly in the coming weeks. Visit https://drivedimo.com/products/macaron and order one today to be first in line when units ship in November.

The Macaron is powered by DIMO Mobile and the Helium IoT Network 📡
- For only $99, you can connect your car to the DIMO Network and the broader digital world with 3 years of connectivity and no subscription fees thanks to the low cost Helium IoT Network.

What about DIMO AutoPi?

  • DIMO AutoPi continues to be the best choice for DIMO users looking for maximum data and maximum rewards. DIMO AutoPi users will contribute more data, more frequently, to the DIMO Network so they will qualify for a higher level of baseline rewards. You can find more information in our recent DIP: https://docs.dimo.zone/governance/amendments/dip2a1

New Authorized Reseller Partner

  • DIMO is excited to announce our newest Authorized Reseller Partner.: TechnoStoreX! 🇹🇷https://www.instagram.com/technostorex/

The team has built a community of DePIN projects, and now offers DIMO hardware. Even better, TechnostoreX offers payment installments within Türkiye to make getting started easier!

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  • DIMO cofounder Alex Rawitz talks DePIN and the Meatspace with Nasdaq https://www.nasdaq.com/videos/how-permissionless-blockchain-tech-can-be-applied-to-big-new-industries

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  • 11/3-5: Come hear Alex speak at Web3 ATL https://www.web3atl.io/

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